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Cincinnati based artist, Alexandria Eavers, found her love for art in high school. In 2018, Alexandria was awarded a silver key and a scholarship from the Scholastic Art and Writing fair, where her photographic pieces titled Stevie and Moonville Tunnel were recognized. Alexandria followed her love of photography and is continuing her education at the University of Cincinnati’s college of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP). 

By following her love for art, Alexandria found that she loved much more than just photography. She’s continued her artistic journey down many paths allowing her to explore painting, ceramics, and digital work. She hopes to combine her love of ceramics, digital illustration, and photography to one day open her own business and share her art with others. 


My work speaks on matters of identity, family, and memory, but above all it
discusses escapism. Growing up my family experienced many hardships and in witnessing these as a child I grew up quickly, but something that brought me joy was the world that only my mind could create. My work explores this by reevaluating my experiences and romanticizing versions of the world, and the versions of the people within it that I had never known. In my photographic work, it addresses the struggles and memories of an ever-changing home through familiar objects, photos, and idealized colors and lighting. Currently, I am redirecting my work to focus on the most joyous parts of my imagination where I can create cute and goofy companions out of the ordinary to start inviting others into the world that I am creating through ceramics.

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